What You Should Know about Navy SEALs

The military and its various branches are often misinterpreted, especially by those who have no connection with any military person and most of their concept regarding it comes from Hollywood movies. What they show in movies is a glossy version – an actor doing all the heroic acts and living life king size with dazzling uniforms. Common people do not know the kind of training, hardship, maintenance and discipline that goes into creating what you see on screen.  In this article we will take a closer look at the United Sates Navy SEALs and get it know it better. We will tell you what common people should know about this amazing branch of military.

Navy SEALs is the abbreviated form of Navy’s Sea, Air, Land military team and they are the major special operations force of the U.S. Navy. They are also a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command, and the US Special Operations Command. The main duty of the SEALs is to carry out the small team military operations. These operations usually start from the ocean, sea, swamp, river, delta, or coastline and return back to where they started from. The team can negotiate in the shallow water regions where the large marines and ships are limited.

The word ‘SEAL’ is always capitalized in memory of the members belonging to the Naval Special Warfare community. The members of this special branch are trained to operate in various environments including the air, sea and land, which explain why they are called so. The Navy SEALs go through rigorous training that prepares them to operate in different types of climates such as arctic, jungle and desert.

The United States Navy SEALs that exists today has its roots back in the World War II, when there was the need for a secret reconnaissance of coastal defenses. This led to the formation of Amphibious Scout and Raider School in Florida. The scouts and raiders were formed just a few months post the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The SEALs are all male members of the US Navy. The Special Activities Division (SAD) which operates secretively has its members recruited from the Navy SEAL teams. Also, the joint operation of Navy SEALs and CIA root back to the MACV-SOG during the time of Vietnam War. The team exists even today and its presence has been known in wars operation in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Those who join Navy SEALs go through rigorous training and the dropout rate is often more than 80 percent; and on an average the candidates have to spend more than a year attending the formal trainings before being given the award of Special Warfare Operator. The commissioned naval officers go on to become the SEAL officers after the training period.

The members of the Navy SEAL receive various medical care benefits, insurance and other attractive perks that make it a good career choice for many. The selection procedure is tough of course but those who manage to pass through it, lead a life of honor!