Military Seals

7 Navy SEAL Lessons That Can Help Make a Better You

Life in the Navy is not just what you see in the movies. There’s a lot of training and preparation that goes into creating such disciplined individuals. Bringing about big changes is possible only when you start with the one most important person – you.  Obstacles are not just limited to the Navy, there are lessons learned that can be applied to day to day life that will transform yourself into a better person.

Make the Bed

Making bed the correct way is an important lesson in the military and the Navy, and there’s a lot of emphasis given to it. It may look simple but has a lot of significance in defining your entire personality. Navy SEAL Admiral William H. McRaven says that every morning you get up and see yourself in the mirror. If you want to make your life right then you need to start by making your bed perfectly before moving on to other tasks for the day.

Staying and Working Together

One important lesson of the Navy is to find people to help you in every field. It is important to come out of the concept of ‘my world’ and think bigger about the world that belongs to us. The Navy teaches the importance of working together and companionship. Getting along and forming healthy groups may take a lot of time and perseverance but it is definitely worth all that in the long run.

Judge People by Their Heart

Judging someone should never be based on their appearance or years behind them. Size and height does not matter at all because it is usually seen that short heighted people have a large heart inside their small body. Have regard for people with a really big heart, other things don’t matter that much

Taking Bad Days in Stride

Another important lesson in the Navy is to take bad days in stride and keep moving no matter what. Some days will be a mess and things will not turn out as you planned, so learn to take failure positively and learn from them. Despite having a bad day, learn how to push through the tough times and look forward to a better tomorrow

Go the Extra Mile

The Navy SEAL circus is an important part of their training and it teaches how some extra hours of training and work can make your better. Sometimes circumstances and situations can break you down and force you to quit. This is when you need to put more effort and go that extra mile to pour more determination and courage into whatever you do.

Raise your Voice and be Heard

When you’re stuck neck deep in trouble, raise your voice and start singing (no matter how out of tune your voice may be). It will not only give you the courage but also spread hope among your comrades. It can turn worse days and situations into something good.

Fight the ‘Shark’

We all have ‘fear’ inside us that paralyzes our mind and kills our intellect. Every day we face ‘sharks’ in the form of challenges. It is important to gear up, overcome the fear and face these sharks with determination. Once you win the battle in your mind, you will be victorious anyway!